Coronation Quiche - with an Aussie twist

Coronation Quiche - with an Aussie twist

Having lived in England for a few years, I've somewhat of a soft spot for the Royals.  Regardless of one's view on the #republic debate, it was nice to be in the moment, watching the first English coronation in 70 odd years.

I couldn't help but make the Royal Coronation quiche, click here for the official recipe, though with a few small changes:

  • I used frozen pre-made shortcrust pastry - mainly so I didn't miss to much of the pomp and pageantry
  • I added smoked pancetta and a shallot, which were gently fried together. This gave the quiche a really nice kick of smokey, gamey, caramelised flavour.
  • I used fresh thyme, as there wasn't any fresh tarragon in the supermarket and dried tarragon should be illegal.
  • I added an extra couple of eggs, as eggs are the best.

Most importantly, I paired this dish with the most Noble of grape varieties - Chardonnay.

This 2021 Adelaide Hills Chardonnay has settled nicely in the bottle, and is really showing the subtle stone fruit, zest and cashew characters for which Adelaide Hills Chardy is so renowned.

There's a few cases left, grab some and enjoy.

Cheers, TNV 

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